Saturday, January 25, 2014

Book Review: "Sit, Walk, Stand"

Sit, Walk, Stand: The Process of Christian MaturitySit, Walk, Stand: The Process of Christian Maturity by Watchman Nee
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I thought this was a great little book based on Ephesians.

At first I thought the title was a little backwards... shouldn't it be stand-walk-sit, but after reading it, it does make perfect sense.

First, we have to SIT with Jesus. Or have faith that we will be seated at his right hand. After all, faith is not anything that we DO, but what has already been done for us.

Once we have mastered sitting, we get to WALK - that is "the practical outworking of that heavenly position here on earth" (loc 248).

And finally, the STAND - the STAND is against spiritual warfare. I thought this quote summed it up nicely:

"For no Christian can hope to enter the warfare of the ages without learning first to rest in Christ and in what He has done, and then, through the strength of the Holy Spirit within, to follow Him in a practical, holy life here on earth. If he is deficient in either of these, he will find that all the talk about spiritual warfare remains only talk; he will never know its reality. Satan can afford to ignore him, for he does not count for anything." (loc 533)

And another quote that really inspired me:

"God never asks us to do anything we CAN do. He asks us to live a life which we can never live and do a work which we can never do. Yet, by His grace, we are living it and doing it."

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