Friday, January 9, 2009

Life Update

Hi Everyone,

Please keep Eli and me in your prayers as we are in a weird transition time right now.

As most of you probably know, Eli has been pursuing a job in Johnson County, Kansas. This move would put us closer to our family, but far away from all our friends that we love here in St. Louis.

Fortunately, the timing of this is completely in God's hands. Eli interviewed and tested on December 22-23 and passed everything and was even given a uniform. The only thing pending was a start date. Since then (actually the very next day), Johnson County enacted a hiring freeze. So now, while Eli has a job in KC already, we have no idea when he will start or when we might be moving. I guess it could be weeks, months, or a year? Only God knows.

I do have peace about this, but I am struggling because I am a planner by nature, so please pray for me in that regard. And for Eli because he is getting a little burnt out at the city and he was getting really excited about the new job so it is hard on him that he has to wait longer now.

The great thing is that however much longer God has us here is that much more time we get to spend with our church family here in St. Louis!

In advance, thank you for your prayers.