Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Micah FAQs

People ask a lot of funny questions.  Here's my attempt to corporately answer the most common and/or most interesting.

How long is he sleeping?
I'll usually swaddle him up and put him down around 9:30 (after feeding him).  He'll usually then sleep for about 6-8 hours, wake up, eat, and then do another 3-4 hours.  I think this is pretty awesome compared to our old 2 hr routine.  However, once Micah's asleep at 9:30pm, I am frantically trying to do laundry, clean up, do dishes, shower, and pump.  On a good night, I'm asleep at 11pm and up again in 4 hours.  Still, this feels pretty good.

Is he sleeping through the night?
This is so subjective.  I give the same answer I gave above (6-8 hours) and some people are amazed and others act like they pity me.  Your definition of "through the night" might be different than mine, but in my book, I appreciate my 6 hours and don't expect any more for quite some time (or ever?)  LOL.

How are the dogs with him?
Good question!  Micah has 2 big furry brothers.  Cooper (our black 7 year old German Shepherd) is the body guard.  He guards me, and by default guards Micah since he appears to be an extension of me now.  He mostly ignores Micah.  Denver (our 5 year old "average dane" lab mix) is absolutely intrigued by every movement and sound Micah makes.  He may be slightly jealous of all the attention he used to get, but he takes it like a champ.  He even puts up with extended photo shoots.  Oh, and he checks for dirty diapers.  Seriously.  We hold Micah up to Denver and he sniffs his bottom.  If he sniffs and leaves, it's clean.  If he sniffs and points, it's dirty.  How handy is that?!?!  haha.

How's he eating?
This one amuses me.  He eats like a champ.  It's his favorite activity.  Do babies have any other hobbies besides eating?

Are you having fun?
Do you see the smile on my face?
(Even when he's screaming!)
Of course, I'm having fun.  Being a mom is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced.

How big is he?
This one is ever-changing of course.  But so far, he remains in the 95th percentile for height and the 25th percentile for weight.  Right now that means, almost 25 inches long and almost 11 lbs.

Who does he look like?
This one is easy!  Definitely all Eli!  He has the Hosack nose, and maybe my ears.  But the rest is Eli.  Blue eyes, straight brown hair (even the same hair line!), chin, forehead, etc.  Check out Eli's baby photo next to this one of Micah:

 And then there's this classic shot.  What more do you need?

Oh, how I love these 2 boys!!!!


NancyKrelle said...

This post is so precious and well compiled. What a way to end it. Like father, like son. Hehehe. I can't wait to embrace motherhood and journey along side of you any day now... Love you lots and lots!!

AmberT said...

katie! so glad to hear things are going well. he's a cutie. i just love that pic of eli and micah sleeping. we have the exact same pic of jimmy and corrina; it's a daddy classic. miss y'all!

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I'd consider sleeping 8 hours at night to be sleeping through the night for sure! And yes, as a new mommy, you take whatever sleep you can get :)