Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pawhuska, Oklahoma

Last week (July 11th - July 16th), Eli and I had the privilege of chaperoning our church's junior high youth group on a mission trip to the Osage Indian Reservation at Pawhuska, Oklahoma. It was all the kids' very first mission trip, and it was truly an honor to see how God worked in their lives that week to teach them what being Christlike is really about. We all definitely grew closer to God and to each other through hard work and lots of fun!

Although, I have had a superbly wonderful pregnancy so far, I have dealt with a few "symptoms" like heartburn, backache, general tiredness, etc. However, I have to say that on this trip God gave me SUPERNATURAL STRENGTH that even my littlest of symptoms hardly surfaced at all! What an amazing God we serve that He knew just what I needed for the week.

Yet, His best prize to me was that our baby learned to kick and elbow me like crazy during the mission trip. Every night during our worship (Club) time, our little boy would just start dancing and moving around like crazy. Since then, we have discovered that he absolutely LOVES David Crowder Band. It gets him going like no other music can! Eli thinks we might have a little worship leader in there (only if he gets his daddy's voice and not mine though!).

Here's a photo of our whole group on top of Lookout Mountain.

Since we've been back, we have committed to doing daily devotional time of 20 minutes (like we did on the trip every morning) and we have been all keeping each other accountable.  It's been so fun getting texts from the kids reminding me to read my Bible and pray.  Talk about motivational!  

It hasn't been that long ago since Eli and I first moved here and being the middle school sponsors was first brought up to us, and we were both terrified of the idea!  I thought middle school ministry might be the last thing on earth I could possibly grow in.  As usual, God had other plans, and now I truly can't imagine us serving in any other capacity at this time.  Love these kids!  Love God for always knowing best!!!  :-)

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