Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Fun

Fun 3 day weekend!

Friday, we finished putting in a new patio in our backyard.  Now it's time to go shopping for some patio furniture and a fire pit for s'mores!  Before we know it, we'll be adding a kiddie pool back there too!  :-)

Saturday night was the Spring Hill car show at the local neighborhood hot spot - where else?  the Sonic!  Mom entered her 1956 Ford T-Bird, and although she didn't win, it was a pretty popular car.  Beforehand, Mom & Steve came over to add some fish to the nursery wall.

We're doing an underwater-themed nursery and friends and family members have been adding their custom fish creations to it.  It's becoming quite a work of art.  To see them all, check out my facebook photo album.

Yesterday, we went over to Eli's parents' house and got to see Caleb and his band perform some of their latest work.  Plus, have some great food and shoot off some fireworks (before the rain stopped us!).

I still haven't been feeling our baby boy moving around too much, but he did seem to enjoy his uncle Caleb's music, because he was moving like crazy last night.  He must have been dancing away in there!

I'll leave you with this video from the "Frog Prince" firework.  It's a little difficult to see, but his mouth and eyes light up every once in a while.  Of course, I loved it!  :-)

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