Monday, April 28, 2014

Morel Season!

It's one of my favorite times of year.  Spring is officially here when the morels start popping.  It means we've had some rain and some warm weather, and it's not too hot yet.  I'm a 3rd generation morel hunter and so going out and looking for these little beauties always reminds me of my Grandma Bece who was an expert on them!  My mom and I carry on the tradition (and now so do my kids!).

They are delicious, but the joy of the hunt, and the excuse to be outside may be the best part!  :-)

First the find... I love finding them in clusters like the little bunch of 4 pictured here.  Found a nice big one (pictured with my Jawbone UP for perspective).  By the way, mushroom hunting will DEFINITELY help you meet your daily goal of steps!

The next step is to prepare them.  Soak them in a bowl of salt water for an hour or 2.  This will kill all the bugs.  Don't watch them all come out of the mushrooms if you are faint-hearted.  (But if it bothers you, feel free to donate your morels to me!) LOL!  I like them sauteed in a little butter OR dipped in an egg-milk mixture and then breaded with flour, salt, pepper and fried!

And the last, most important step... enjoy them!

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