Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy One Month McKenzie!

One month ago, we welcomed the most gorgeous baby girl I have ever laid eyes on into the world.  She was fashionably late (2 days past her July 30th due date) and had to be evicted (via a scheduled C-Section) just like her big brother!  Since that day, McKenzie has totally stolen our hearts and has made the most perfect little addition to our family!  I just can't believe she's a month old already!  I can't believe her newborn clothes are starting to get so tight... it seems like just a couple hours ago she was totally SWIMMING in them.  Ahh...

She is such a sweet, easy-going baby. We are so blessed!


  • She is named after her uncles Caleb McKenzie Casey & Nicholas Lawrence Hosack.
  • The purple dress she is pictured in here is the first outfit we got for her.  Eli and I stopped at Kohl's on our way home from our ultrasound to buy her her first dress.
  • She gained 17 oz in one week after we were released from the hospital!  YAY!
  • Micah loves to give her lots of big wet kisses and he calls her "Baby."
  • She eats every 2-3 hours during the day, but at night she usually goes 4-6!  I'm a happy momma.
  • She makes very funny squeaky laugh sounds.
  • She has Daddy wrapped around her little finger.   ;-)
People always ask us "Who does she look like?"  or "Does she look like Micah?"

I don't know.  She looks a little like Micah.  I think she looks a little like me.  Micah is a Daddy-clone, so I'm hoping I might have a little bit of stock in this one, but what do you think?

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