Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gizmo the Frog

I just celebrated my 28th birthday, which means that my 1st baby just celebrated his 8th!  My 1st baby is a White's Dumpy Tree Frog.

I got Gizmo for Christmas in 2003.  I was a sophomore in college.  He went with me every where.  We were allowed fish in our dormitories at Wash U, so I reasoned that because he lived in a fish tank (even if it was a 10 gallon one!  haha) that he would qualify.

During the summer, when I went back and forth between my parents' houses, Gizmo had a tank at each house and traveled with me in his little portable container on my heated seats.

He won Pet of the Day in 2004:

Like I said, Gizmo is now 8 years old.  Incredible for a tree frog!  He is the lowest maintenance pet you could ever ask for, but he is kind of ornery.  Once, he crawled into my printer and I had to take the whole thing apart to get to him.  These days, he hides in his water fountain until 10pm or so, when he comes out to sit in his rock pool or hunt crickets.

Anyway, I just wanted to share a little bit about Gizmo with you and to spread the love of having a pet frog if anyone out there is interested!

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