Monday, May 3, 2010

Pregnancy Update

How far along? 16 weeks 5 days
Total weight gain: 0
Maternity clothes: not yet, but some of my jeans are getting too tight to be comfortable
Best moment this week: knowing that the baby can now hear is amazing!
Movement: none yet (at least none that I am positive is the baby!)
Food cravings:  salty stuff mostly - pickles and pizza (though not together!)
Gender:  we get to find out on May 26th!
Belly button: no changes yet - I sure will miss my "innie" when that happens!
What I miss: margaritas, horseback riding
What I am looking forward to: finding out the gender and seeing our baby for the 1st time on our May 26th ultrasound!
Milestones: we received baby's first stuffed animal (a teddy bear named "Chaucer") from good friends in St. Louis!


nkrelle said...

I forgot to tell you: I woke up in the middle of the night early morning on Sunday, and "It's a boy." came right to mind for you. I could be wrong, but here it is in writing. Let's see if I can keep my 100% track record.

We had the best time with you this weekend. Thank you for visiting and for spending the day with us on Saturday. I know there were tons of things you could have done. We enjoyed our time together very much, and we will be taking Deitz and Cindy back to Cunetto's for dinner this weekend when they come to town.

Amy@My Front Porch said...

I'm so excited to find out what you're having! My vote is boy. That's a completely unscientific guess :)