Saturday, March 27, 2010

Big News!

Yesterday, we got to hear the most amazing sound in the whole world. Our baby's heartbeat!

I have to admit, I am super-paranoid and didn't want to share our good news until we reached this milestone. I mean, I took 4 pregnancy tests just to make sure I wasn't seeing double (lines, that is!).

I was so nervous while the nurse searched for the heartbeat with the dopler wand. We kept hearing mine and she explained that wasn't it as it was too slow. Of course, the longer it took to find baby's, the faster mine got! And then... there it was! like a little train engine going 170 bpm! What a miracle!

Of course, our parents and family already know. Here is a video from the night we told my mom and Eli's parents. Our brothers both already knew, so Nick was filming it!

The Unveiling from Katie Casey on Vimeo.

My due date is October 13th - which is actually Nick's birthday - and we are so excited to be in this journey towards parenthood!!!



Keith said...

Hahah! What an inventive way to let people know!

My wife and I are quite thrilled for you. Congratulations!

AmberT said...

katie!!!!!!! ah, i'm sooooo super excited for ya'll!!!!!! i'll be praying for a safe and wonderful pregnancy. hope you've been feeling well. i'll call you soon! miss ya'll.....hurray!!!!!!

Ashley Kohlenberg said...

I love Cindy's reaction, that was such a cute way to break the good news!

Ron Ruth said...

How exciting for you, both! Congratulations!!!