Saturday, February 28, 2009


One of my favorite podcasters - Andy Stanley of North Point Ministries - often shares a series called "The Best Question Ever." I believe it is also a book, but the 6-part sermon series is available for free on iTunes.

Anyway, the BEST QUESTION EVER (because I know you want to know) according to Andy Stanley is:

What is the WISE thing to do?
(in light of my past experiences, present circumstances, & future hopes and dreams)

He argues that if we apply this question to every decision we have to make (how to spend our time, where to spend our money, etc.), it will help us all avoid the many pitfalls and traps Satan has laid out for us to sin.

In the part I just listend to (Part 4: Time Bandits), Stanley challenges his listeners to jot down what is MOST IMPORTANT to them in 4 areas so they can start spending their time in the most important things. I'm going to make a valid effort to do just that!

Physically - train for 1/2 marathon, eat less junk.
Relationally - always rember that Eli is my priority relationship, don't let old friends slip through the cracks.
Spiritually - continue my daily devotional time, but also read more Christian books.
Professionally - learn more! stay positive!

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