Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tomatoes Preaching

On Saturday, after working my shift at the Crown Realty booth at the Cider Mill, my mom and I took the kids on the Miami County Farm Tour.  We stopped at a delightful little farm (Metcalf & 327th) - Foxfire Farm and picked strawberries and bought (8!!!) tomato plants.

Saturday evening McKenzie broke out with a terrible rash and her knees & elbows were swollen and hot to the touch.  At first, I thought maybe she'd had an allergic reaction to the strawberries - although she's eaten them many times before and these are organic, pesticide free, so I couldn't imagine these would be worse than any others she's had.  In fact, they were so incredibly delicious and perfect!  Sunday (Mother's Day), we went to the walk-in clinic at our family practice (College Park Family) and found out she had strep!  24 hours of antibiotics and steroids later, she was back to her normal cheery crazy self.

So, long story short, my 8 beautiful tomato plants sat in my dark garage for 2 days.  They were wilty and browning.  Cut off from sunlight & water, they were dying quickly.  Monday evening, the kids and I got them planted, watered from our rain barrel, and they instantly perked up.  2 days later, they are really thriving.  They smell so wonderful and we can't wait to pick some beautiful tomatoes!

All of this has gotten me thinking.  Reminding me how much my life is like those tomato plants.  One day disconnected from God's Word and prayer connection with Him, and I am worse off than these little plants.  Wilted.  Worn out.  Unable to produce fruit.  Thankfully, it just takes time in His life-giving presence to perk right up.  Thankful for that truth!

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Hootowl5 said...

Very good food for thought.