Saturday, January 10, 2015

Lucky 13 Pills Per Day

I'm a little late to update here, but it's been a hectic week!  I started a really great real estate training program so I've had class from 9-11 every day AND homework plus balancing my normal duties and real estate clients and kiddos and I've felt like I'm struggling to keep my head above water, but it's good to be busy in my world!  :-)

Anyway, Janaury 7th was an important day for several reasons.  I started the morning at 7:30am at the doctor's office so they could check on my progress with all the estrogen.  My uterine lining was 10.73 and my estrogen levels were at 1550  and apparently that's perfect so YAY!

And then I got to go out with my lovely husband to celebrate our 9th anniversary!  I was craving meat (odd for me, probably all the hormones!) so we went to Fogo de Chao for the first time and then to my favorite date place - Barnes & Noble.  LOL!

Today I got to add several things to my daily estrogen doses: progesterone, steroids, and antibiotics.  A grand total of 13 pills a day + 3 patches!  5 days away from surrogacy!

Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy this diet!  ;-)

Trusting God that January 15th is going to be successful!

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