Monday, June 9, 2014

Hormone Time!

My Regiment
Thursday morning at 8:30am, I went in for some blood work and an ultrasound to make sure I am where I should be to begin the hormones.  After a good report (thin uterine lining and low estrogen = good I guess), I got the green light to begin taking estrogen pills and wearing estrogen patches.

This is actually my 2nd attempt at this because I mixed up 2 of the hormones back in May.  I was very distraught at the time (just ask the poor nurse who I was crying to on the phone last month!), but this round is already going smoother, so I know it's all for the best that we were delayed a month.

For the curious, all of these special IVF/Surrogacy medications come via a mail-order pharmacy (Walgreens).  Natalie and I both got all our prescriptions delivered to our door.  I guess our local Spring Hill pharmacy doesn't carry all this stuff!  LOL!

Now, the goal is to get my body ready for the big embryo transfer day on June 24th!!!  After June 24th, I have to take it easy for 2 days, and then my understanding is that after 12 days, I will go back for a test to confirm pregnancy!  I already know those are going to be the LOOOONGEST 12 days ever for me, but also for Adam & Natalie and probably Eli too!

I will go back in on June 16th for more blood work and another ultrasound to see how everything is progressing.  After that, I will start adding additional hormones to my regiment.

So far, I'm feeling just fine.  I've had some headaches, but I'm attributing that to being a little worn out from a big fun weekend we just had in Iowa to see some friends (Eli's work partner & her now husband) get married!  Our kiddos partied hard and we had a pool in our hotel so we went swimming at least 4 times in 2 days!
Micah, McKenzie and Me on a Covered Bridge in Madison County, Iowa


Cathy P said...

Katie, I hope this all goes well for you. You are a wonderful mother and this future child would be very lucky to have you as a Momma and Eli for his/her Daddy!

Cathy P said...

Sorry I missed the surrogacy part of this blog! You are truly an amazing woman Katie! Your friends are so lucky to have you!

Glenda Myers said...

Thanks for update, I have been thinking of you guys all day. Katie I am one of Natalie's cousins. You are all in our prayers.

Emily Grove said...

Praying all goes as planned. You are truly amazing.

Brittnie said...

Hey!! I just found your blog from FB. Long time!! I actually went through IVF to have our first child, Clara. I detailed all of it on my blog. I am so happy to talk to you if you ever have any questions about the process. Hugs to you!!

Dara Stambaugh said...

To everyone involved, we are keeping you all in our prayers. Much love, The Stambaughs